Additionally, automation ensures all volunteers are presented with the same information and given the same questions, providing a stronger consistency in training. All of which ensures everyone on your volunteer team is on the same page when a deployment is necessary – a critical component during an emergency situation.

The program developed by Disaster Relief Training is completely turnkey. Our program does everything from enrollment to automated reminders, along with generating weekly reports of volunteer certification renewals.

No travel necessary

Eliminating travel from the training equation not only relieves some burden off volunteers, it also results in cost savings for your organization. No more worries about paying for classroom space or covering other expenses associated with travel.

Just-in-time training

In an emergency situation, every minute counts. The recertification process for volunteers is simple and can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7. All volunteers need to recertify is easily obtainable online and the information can be refreshed simply by using an iPad on the way to a disaster.

During a global pandemic that has no definitive end in sight, volunteers are looking for safer ways to recertify. Volunteers play an important role in strengthening the response to disaster in local communities. However, managing volunteers is cumbersome if not properly trained. Organizations involved in relief activities can significantly benefit from having a system in place to properly train volunteers.

Keeping volunteers up to date with disaster relief training requirements can be a challenge. Between scheduling, travel, and the administrative overhead associated with tracking each volunteer’s certifications, the process can be overwhelming. This year’s COVID-19 pandemic created additional challenges due to close proximity occurring in traditional classroom training. Fortunately, online disaster relief volunteer training can solve many challenges and offer other great advantages.

Keep volunteers up to date

Through online training, volunteers will easily be able to keep their certifications up to date. It can be difficult for people to juggle daily responsibilities with finding the time necessary to travel to get their volunteer training completed. The flexibility associated with online disaster volunteer training helps people maintain this requirement, which in turn helps to ensure their commitment while simultaneously boosting their morale.

Stronger form of learning

According to statistics, e-learning increases retention rates by 25% to 60%. This figure is not insignificant. You want your volunteers to perform at their best, retaining what they’ve learned in their training sessions and testing will prove to be valuable in the event this knowledge is needed.

Automated processes

Through the automation online training offers, organizations are better equipped to track recertifications with ease and receive consistent levels of reporting. Essentially, automation removes all the guesswork and the need to hunt down the records associated with classroom training to know who is certified when duty calls.

Transitioning to an online training opportunity can provide them with a comfortable way to recertify with a level of flexibility they’ll appreciate. Over the long-term, Disaster Relief Training has designed our solution to be cost-effective and prove valuable during any future high-in-demand need for volunteers to respond to a disaster situation.