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Our online disaster relief training allows your volunteers to renew their certification online. When disaster strikes, your volunteers will be ready to respond to the call out. Developed exclusively for the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and now available for your DR organization.


Disaster Relief does a huge amount of good, but not without some challenges.  Keeping volunteers certified and trained is difficult due to scheduling and travel.  Plus there is the administrative overhead of tracking all the certifications and knowing who is ready to be deployed in an emergency.

We understand your challenges and have developed an online learning system specifically tailored to the needs of Disaster Relief.

During the pandemic, your volunteers should not sit in a classroom. Work with us to give them the training they need online. 

Totally Turnkey

We are a turnkey solution that handles everything from enrolling your volunteers to automated reminders. You receive weekly reports of your certification renewals. 

Simple Recertification

We put all certification and training online so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime keeping all volunteers certified and current so they can be used in an emergency.

Cost Effective

Pricing is structured so that the cost can be passed along to your volunteers with minimal up-front cost to your DR organization. We charge a low per-user, per-year access fee.



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Top advantages of online disaster volunteer training

Additionally, automation ensures all volunteers are presented with the same information and given the same questions, providing a stronger consistency in training. All of which ensures everyone on your volunteer team is on the same page when a deployment is necessary...

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